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Get to know the Bartec Tech400pro and learn how to get 5-years of free updates

Lower the lifetime cost of a new Bartec Tech400Pro and take advantage of these promotions:

- Replace your old TPMS tool with a new Bartec Tech400Pro purchased from AESwave and get 5-years of FREE! updates.

- Don't have an old one, you can still get 3-years of FREE updates with the current promotion.

- Update the Bartec you already have, specials available for subscription renewals.


Get to know the Bartec Tech400Pro:

Adjusting recommended inflation pressure or Placard with the Bartec Tech400Pro


Programming EZ sensor with the Bartec Tech400Pro


Completing a Relearn with the Bartec Tech400Pro


Additional features of the Bartec Tech400Pro


The basics of using the Bartec Tech400 Pro


Introduction to the Bartec Tech400 Pro