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How to Diagnose a Misfire (a ScannerDanner Premium training video)

ScannerDanner Premium presents: How to Diagnose a Misfire with the uScope 1-channel DSO on his big smartboard.

2005 GM Bonneville 3800 with a constant misfire. 
- setting uScope trigger at timestamp 5:20
- connecting a capacitive pick-up to a pug wire at timestamp 8:04
- causes of low firing KV on a snap throttle starts at timestamp 10:44
- how a waste spark coil can fire on only one tower at timestamp 17:30
- setting a trigger on a scope to capture snap throttle events at timestamp 23:14
- adjusting uScope voltage scales and time base at timestamp 26:20
- reserve coil oscillations and why they are important at timestamp 29:35 
- burn time of a spark plug at timestamp 31:55 
- misfire data and how it is calculated by the computer at timestamp 36:17
- ignition primary current waveform analysis at timestamp 40:26
- more scope trigger, time-base and voltage settings at timestamp 43:24 
- coil primary turn-on oscillations at timestamp 46:42