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Jaguar SRS module setup with the Autel Elite

Courtesy of Matthew Skundrich.

Screen-by-screen the navigation on the Autel Elite to setup a new Restraints Control Module (RCM) on a 2009 Jaguar XF. The module records and stores impact data and must be replaced after three records are noted.

OE repair procedure confirms the module does not require J2534 programming. However, it needs to be initialized.

Do I use the Jag OE tool or the Autel Elite?
I chose the Elite, it should be quicker and does not require a Jaguar subscription.


The Autel Elite auto ID'd the car.
I pressed Programming/Cu...


The shop successfully installed a new RCM module, confirmed by Code U2100.
I pressed Configure New Modules.


I pressed Restraints Occupant Classification System Module (picture 3).


I pressed OK.


The Autel started initializing the module, this module didn't need programing.
I pressed OK.


The next step was to put the VIN into the module using the onscreen keyboard (not shown).
I entered the VIN and pressed OK..


The VIN was learned, almost done with the module setup.
I pressed OK (Picture 7).


Seat Cover replacement is nothing more than a occupant classification system calibration. This completed and then I moved on to next step. It did this so fast I didn’t remember to get a picture of the complete screen.
I pressed OK.


The system cleared the codes automatically.
I pressed OK.


OCS initialized to make sure it was all synced.
I pressed OK.


The screen we always want to see...completed successfully! 
I pressed OK.

But, the car still had a light after I started it, the driver’s seatbelt was not connected. The shop connected it and the light went off.
Job completed successfuly.


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