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NACAT Foundation: Building a Stronger Foundation

A note from Jorge Menchu
Giving Back by Building a Stronger Foundation

We are a Proud Friend of the NACAT Education FoundationThe NACAT Foundation is the fundraising arm of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT), the ONLY international organization devoted to teachers and trainers of automotive technology and its related fields.

I became a board member of the NACAT Foundation because I believe it plays an important role in helping NACAT address the needs of struggling automotive school programs and teachers and trainers.

I see the Foundation as a tool that will benefit us all by providing a vehicle to pool and distribute resources to deserving and struggling automotive programs through grants, scholarships and gifts in kind.

Today, the Foundation is in a growth stage – boosting Foundation awareness and seeking donations.

Following are some ways that you can get involved right now:

1. GoodSearch:

This is a great option that does not cost anything. Simply use the Yahoo powered “Good Search” and the 50% of the money generated from the site’s advertisers will go to the NACAT Foundation.
Go to

In the text box labeled “Who do you GOODSEARCH for” enter this value:  NACAT FOUNDATION

2. Network for Good
This is a great option to make a direct financial donation to the NACAT Foundation. This option allows for a dedication and or designation for your donation. This is an ideal tool to thank someone by making a donation in their name. Note: The NACAT Foundation will eventually provide a web site that will display all of the donations dedications. Click here to donate.

3. eBay Giving Works with Mission Fish
This option allows you to sell an item on eBay and dedicate a percentage of the proceeds to the NACAT Foundation. To learn more: eBay Giving Works.

“Creating an environment of helping each other be successful for each other”

Jorge Menchu