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Pete Rudloff's Top 10 Tool list for PTEN

Pete Rudloff is the owner of Pete's Garage (six bays, 4,500 sq ft) in Newark, DE and is a founder of the Delaware Training Group. At the request of PTEN Magazine, he listed his Top 10 Tools.  A few of them are available from AESwave.


Number 5... FirstLook: Engine Diagnostic Pulse Sensor

Rudloff says this delta pressure sensor complements the Pico Pressure Transducer. He uses it to measure air pressure changes in both intake and exhaust pressure pulses.


Number 4... Pico WPS500X Pressure transducer Kit

”Taking engines apart to determine their state of health is the old way of doing things,” explains Rudloff. He adds that this tool allows him to check valve timing and compression by pulling a spark plug.

Number 3... PicoScope 4425 4 Channel Advanced Diagnostic Kit

Rudloff likes this tool because it is fast and user-intuitive. “The 4425 takes everything good about Pico and makes it more powerful,” he says.



Number 1... Factory Scan tools 

Pete’s Garage works on five manufacturer groups and has OE level scan tools for all of them, including the Chrysler wiTech. In addition to Chrysler, the shop has OE level scan tools for GM, Ford, Toyota and Honda. “Having the OE scan tool gives me the same capability as the dealer,” Rudloff says. “With full communication capability, I know that I will not encounter a tooling deficiency whenever I schedule a client in for testing. Having 100-percent capability is critical to my service-ready business model.”

Pictured: Chrysler wiTECH Pod (replaced by the Chrysler MicroPod II)


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