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PicoScope Waveform library

ScannerDanner and Pico's Ben Martins explains how to use the PicoScope Waveform Library. 

With over 4,810 waveforms (and increasing daily), the PicoScope Waveform Library will certainly help you out of a jamb and speed up your research time during diagnosis.

To access these known good and "bad" waveforms for the first time:

With PicoScope Automotive software open, go to File / Waveform Library Browser and browse or search by manufacturer or model or engine code.



ScannerDanner demostrates how he uses Pico's Waveform Library Browser...

Pico's Ben Martins explains in detail how to access, how to use and how to upload data to Pico's Waveform Library Browser.


Want more Pico waveforms?

Open the PicoScope Automotive software, go to the Automotive menu to browse and select from over 150 Guided Tests.  Each one automatically applies settings, displays a reference waveform, and troubleshooting information.

These reference waveforms are stored in the software; internet not required. 

Don't have a Pico?

No problem. Download, install, and open the free PicoScope software, Guided Tests are accessible even in demo mode. Try it now, download the latest version.

Pico has a wide assortment of kits outfitted to optimize your diagnostic process. Select from 2-channel or 4-channel kits.
• Starter Kit
• Standard Kit
• Advanced Kit
• Master Kit
• Custom Kits (contact us)

Let us know if you have any questions.