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Ross-Tech VCDS® HEX-NET: blazing fast autoscan!

How quickly does the Ross-Tech VCDS® HEX-NET Auto-Scan a 2015 VW Jetta?
Technician A says 5-minutes.
Technician B says 3-minutes.
Technician C says 2-minutes.
Let’s find out who's right.

The HEX-NET is the newest interface for the Ross-Tech VCDS. It replaces the HEX-CAN and HEX-CAN-USB. The HEX-NET is capable of dealing with VW/Audi's new module address system, has wireless capabilities and works with the VCDS-Mobile app.

Our good friend Kai Pfannenstiel pitted the HEX-NET against the HEX-CAN to find out how fast they perform an Auto-Scan on a 2015 VW Jetta.

Let the race begin...

And the winner is: the HEX-NET, completing the Auto-Scan in 1 minute 50 seconds, almost 30% faster than the HEX-CAN.


All the HEX-NET Professional level packages are available from AESwave:


Learn more about the Ross-Tech VCDS Auto-Scan function: