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Ross-Tech VCDS® goes mobile

Ross-Tech (the creators of VCDS®, formerly known as Vag-Com) has released a new device: the Hex-Net interface. This interface has wireless capability and works with their new VCDS-Mobile® software across any platform that runs a modern browser, 

VW/Audi has implemented a new addressing scheme for control modules. There's no longer any room left in the firmware for their older VCDS devices (HEX-CAN) to accommodate this. It’s now time for something new and better:

    The HEX-Net!

If you are looking into gaining more capability with VW/Audi, VCDS is THE best aftermarket choice on the market; allowing you to pull codes from most modules, view data PIDs, perform Basic Settings, Adaptations, Coding, etc, etc.

VCDS is so good, many dealer techs grab VCDS before ODIS, especially on "customer pay" jobs.

Believe it: You can install the VCDS on your VERUS Edge.

If you already own a HEX-CAN, look into the Ross-Tech trade-in program.

If you you don't already have one....