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Seat Sensor Calibration

Phil purchased his MaxiDAS DS708 from in June, he says...


I successfully performed the calibration for the seat sensor in the passenger seat of a 2011 Civic using the Maxidas. A typical body shop vehicle, it had a very deteriorated battery. The procedure in the tool tells you to turn the engine off, then key on, with no weight in the passenger seat. The next step is to add a known weight to the seat and enter that weight in the scan tool.


I put a 30lbs barbell in the seat that we use for this purpose and entered the 30lbs in the scan tool. Then it says to drive the car at or above 20mph. This requires the starting of the engine, and starting the engine pulls the battery low enough to shut off the scan tool. I figure I’m had, but I drive the car anyway, then go back and look at the data.


The calibration succeeded anyway!


The scan tool showed 31lbs in the passenger seat (before calibration it showed 270lbs with nothing in the seat.)


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