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The Pico 4425a Game Changer with Powered Probes!

Pico Steve provides an overview of the new Pico 4425A hardware and all the new test accessories which feature PicoBNC+ connections.

The new 4425a is compatible with PicoScope 6 and 7 software, and offers the same benefits of the original 4425 PicoScope, but the 4425a delivers even more capabilities with the new PicoBNC+ connector.


The new probes, leads, and clamps with the PicoBNC+ are powered by the PicoScope, allowing long-duration captures (such as overnight battery parasitic drain tests), with no battery concerns.

PicoBNC+ probe recognition improves Scope setup which saves time, reduces errors, and allows new users to become confident and comfortable faster than with other scopes.
PicoBNC+ powered probes improve Equipment maintenance which means that probes are always ready for action (no more flat batteries!), with no battery power limit on the use of current clamps for long-term measurements.
PicoBNC+ software control improves Probe setup which provides Auto-zero on Current Clamps and other probes, avoids incorrect probe switch settings, and simplifies probe set-up for users.
Channel status LEDs improve Technician help which provides a clear indication of which probes to connect to which channel, and of active channels.
Probe mismatch [in PS7 but not PS6] improves Connection accuracy which eliminates the chance of accidental incorrect setup or measurements.
PicoBNC+ Resistance lead improves Measurement options providing reliable dynamic testing when only resistance specifications are available, and monitoring changes of resistance in real-time (wiggle test).
Pico BNC+ Temperature lead improves Measurement options providing correlation of faults with temperature, and testing of HVAC system performance with time.
Full backwards-compatibility with Standard BNC used on the PicoScope or third-party probes you already own, including the NVH and WPS transducers.
• Free software updates!

The 4425a is compatible with PicoScope 6 and PicoScope 7 software, but some of the ability of PicoBNC+ (e.g. full integration with guided tests) will only be available in PicoScope 7 software.

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