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Upshift! by Scott Brown of

There’s no question that the technology stack growth over the last decade or so has grown exponentially. It should be no surprise that the industry, as a whole, is not prepared to demonstrate and deliver the competencies needed to address the challenges moving into the pipeline. In my opinion, the same can be said for much of the products and services being delivered to the service marketplace.

As an owner of an independent automotive service facility, technician, and one who’s been deeply engaged with industry at multiple levels for well over two decades, I recognize the current and pending challenges we all face in the marketplace. Recently, I left a company I had the fortunate pleasure of helping build and foster for the past twenty-plus years in pursuit of focusing my efforts on what I believe to be the next dimension, Diagnostics. I believe that most agree that without the knowledge and skills education breeds, the service process becomes extremely flawed.

On May 27, 2018, I launched Diagnostic Network - which is a next-generation community platform designed to enable successful repair of modern vehicles through peer discussion, partner collaboration and education. Diagnostic Network is focusing initially on the diagnostician and the industry partners who provide the tools, equipment, software, and training for the vehicle service industry, by creating a bi-directional channel between all parties.


We strongly believe that through deeper industry collaboration, stakeholders can gain a deeper understanding of the wants and needs of the diagnostician, which will result in the delivery of the products, services, and training the market demands. Additionally, we hope to inspire others to take the initiative to push their diagnostic proficiency forward in order to better service the deep, technology-rich vehicles rolling into today’s service departments. Within this new, modern community platform, we plan to deploy features needed to support knowledge expansion for today and tomorrow’s technician operating in the automotive service, collision repair, medium and heavy-duty vehicle markets.

We all need to raise the bar several notches from where we stand today and in order to accomplish this, I believe that we need to break out of the mold of doing the same and begin a new era by disrupting the norm and make this an attractive and prosperous industry for the real talent of today and tomorrow.

I’d love to hear from you with how you’d like to help move the bar,


Scott Brown


AESwave is an founding corporate partner of Diagnostic Network -