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Watch a fuse adapter heat up with the Flir

Watch a Flir DM284 thermal imaging DMM perform quality control on the over-molded crimp connections of the soon to be released Fuse Amp Loop (AES# 16-202) - Join the newsletter to get notified when it's ready to ship.

In this case, we can see heat develop at the crimp on the bottom side of the fuse holder. Watch as the heat travels down the wire. Afterwards, the tear down revealed that crimp was good but the crimp section that wraps around the insulation was a bit deformed and broke through the insulation.

Other items to note while watching is how the min/max heat values are always assigned to the brightest and darkest point on the color scale. So, before current flow, the brightest color could be room temperature. When the current is applied and heat develops, the brightest color represents the hottest which went well beyond room temp!

Side Note: For those with a sharp eye, you will notice that I am using a 70 amp fuse. I was happy it did not just pop and it lasted long enough to get the video. The largest fuse on hand was an 80 and it popped pretty fast. Did the 70 come from Harbor Freight?

Conclusion: Using the thermal imager to see through the insulator gets a thumbs up as does the DM284 - clear and bright screen. Also, excellent form factor for this application, like most DMMs, it has its own stand allowing me to be hands off.