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uScope 6.3.8 update now available!

The latest free updates for your uScope are ready for download!


Two upates are available: Firmware and Presets. Instructions and download link for each update are provided in the PDFs listed below.

Step 1 Update the uScope firmware 

Step 2 Update the Presets


What's new in uScope verision 6.3.8...

1. The new Position (POS) function allows you to zoom and scroll through a signal in the buffer. First, capture a signal using a long time base. Second, adjust the Volts/Div and Time/Div to zoom into the signal. Third, activate the POS function to scroll forward and backward through the buffer. Justin Morgan demonstrates each of these steps in video 3 of the playlist below.


2. New test presets have been added to the default menu; Justin Morgan demonstrates how to access the presets in video 1 of the playlist below. 

3. New, press the B button on the top right edge to save two files (image and data file) to the external SD Card. In video 2 of the playlist below, Justin Morgan demonstrates how to freeze the screen and add cursor measurements, how save an image of the screen (*.BMP) and a data file (*.AES), and how to use them to create a "Custom Start" that will automatically load your test setup whenever the scope boots up.
NOTE: *.AES files can be used by other uScope users and uploaded to; they can be renamed and added to any of the preset menus.

4. Trigger Voltage Level will now change color to indicate whether or not a trigger condition is being.
With a successful trigger event the trigger level and arrow are YELLOW. When the signal does not meet the trigger requirements the trigger level and arrow turns RED.

5. Added presets for Pico WPS500 pressure transducer: range 1, 2, and 3 listed as WP1, WP2, and WP3.

6. PDF files with information specific for each preset are be added to the SD card during the update. While the uScope is connected to a PC, use Windows explorer to view the files on the SD card. See video 2 in the playlist below. 

Below, example of a PDF doc provided for each preset:


AESwave proudly presents Justin Morgan and the uScope...