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Thermal Imaging and Parasitic Draw, by Scott Shotton

Parasitic Stop-Start System, 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, by Scott Shotton

The Pico 4425a Game Changer with Powered Probes!

Autel and the authorized Chrysler method to bypass SGW

Reprogramming Isn’t Just for High End Euros by Tanner Brandt

Pre- and Post- Scan reports for the Autel MaxiSys

Seminars with Jim Morton and Brandon Steckler at Daytona International Speedway, Nov. 9-10th

Auto & Light Truck Training with Mike Cleary in Kelowna, BC in early May

Pete Meier and Jorge Menchu discuss Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Jaguar SRS module setup with the Autel Elite

How to Backup and Restore a Corrupted Autel Maxisys

GM changes Programming Subscriptions

Lesser Known EVAP Systems With Tips and Tricks, a Wells Tech webinar

Chrysler/Dodge EVAP leak detection systems: LDP, NVLD, ESIM, a WellsTech webinar

Brandon Steckler's Top Tools list for PTEN

Get to know the Bartec Tech400pro and learn how to get 5-years of free updates

2017 Motor Magazine Top 20 Awards

Autel MaxiSYS ELITE, available from AESwave

ATG Volumetric Efficiency app

Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Diagnostics with Mike Cleary, Sept 19th and 20th, Fresno

EVAP: Toyota/Lexus Leak Detection Pump System, a WellsTech webinar August 3rd.

EVAP: Toyota/Lexus - Operation, Function, and Diagnostics (P0440, P0441, P0455), a WellsTech webinar

Autel Comparison: Which Autel MaxiSys is right for you?

EVAP: Operation, Diagnostics and Testing...Beyond the Leak, a Wells Tech webinar

Fuel Trims: Mass Air Flow (MAF), a Wells Tech webinar

Fuel Trims: Testing & Diagnosing Rich and Lean Conditions, a Wells Tech webinar

Oxygen Sensor Voltage Codes – Part 1, by Matthew Shanahan

TST 2017 Big Event - with keynote by Scott Brown iATN

Fuel Trims - Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors, Operation and Diagnostics, a Wells Tech webinar

The ATS Escan - the First 5 Modes Of OBD II with Pete Meier, The Trainer

Ross-Tech VCDS® HEX-NET: blazing fast autoscan!

Fuel Trims: O2 Sensors, How They Work, How to Test and Diagnose Them (O2, HO2S), a Wells Tech webinar

Ross-Tech VCDS® goes mobile

Fuel Trims: Where To Begin Your Diagnosis, a Wells Tech webinar

Intermittent No Crank, No Start, No Codes, a Wells Tech webinar on Thursday December 1st at Noon

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 15.0 released

Generic Mode $01 thru $10 Scan Tool Diagnostics, a Wells Tech webinar

Catalyst Efficiency % and Volumetric Efficiency with the ATS EScan

Scan Tools: Data Graphing Diagnostics, a Wells Tech webcast

Diagnosing OBD I, OBD II Catalytic Converter Concerns, by Scott Shotton

Commitment To Training, free training events in WI and IL, thanks to Automechanika

Bosch Virtual Garage, Free and Fun

Scan Tools: PID and Live Data Diagnostics, a Wells Tech webcast

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 14.3 released

One Minnesota-based diagnostic technician’s top 10 tools for PTEN Magazine

Diagnosing Intermittent Stall Concerns, a Wells Tech webcast

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 14.2 now available

EVAP Leaks II (P0442/P0445) Intensification, a Wells Tech webcast

Find out if reprogramming is for you!

Pete Rudloff's Top 10 Tool list for PTEN

Relay Driven Dual Cooling Fan Diagnostics, a Wells Tech webcast

Chrysler EGR Scope Diagnostics, a Wells Tech webcast

More Dual Crankshaft Sensor Diagnostics, a Wells Tech webinar

Edwin Hazzard's Top 10 Tool list for PTEN

Mobile Diagnostics 101: How, When, and Why

MAP / Pressure Sensors, a Wells Tech webinar

Blower Motor Resistor Function and Diagnostics, a Wells Tech webinar

GM Truck ABS, a Wells Tech webinar

Delta Pressure Feedback EGR (DPFE) Diagnostics, a Wells Tech webinar

The uScope and P0300, a Wells Tech webinar

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 14.0 released

P0443 Case Study, a Wells Tech webinar

Bartec R53.2 update for the Tech 500, 400, and 300 tools

Thermistor Circuit with ScannerDanner

Seminar: Diagnostic Smorgasbord, with Jim Morton (MATS) in PA on Saturday, Nov 14th

Do you know the 3 types of TPMS relearns?

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 13.3 update

Adjust TPMS Placard Value with the Bartec Tech400Pro and Tech500

Trade-in an old scan tool and get an Autel MaxSYS ms908. Just do it before October 31st.

Autel Extends Warranty and Update Subscriptions, ends on October 31st!

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 13.1 update

PTEN Tool Review: Autel MaxiSYS MS908

Ford Electronic Return-Less Fuel System, presented by Wells Tech

OE Diagnostic Capabilities with J2534: a Drew Tech / PTEN webinar

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 12.3 released

AutoEnginuity with Euro bundle at new low price

ScannerDannering a Valve Seat Problem

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 12.2 released

OE-coverage without the OE-hardware!

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 12.1.1 released

Unboxing the Autel MaxiSYS ms908

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 12.0 released

Comparison: Autel MaxiSYS to the DS708 MaxiDAS

AutoEnginuity 11.2 released

GM GDS2 goes aftermarket!

Busted! Tech 2 Counterfeiter

Toyota Key Off Evap System Testing – Bob Pattengale

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 11.0 update

Mongoose Update to Mongoose Pro

Key FOB bought on the internet

Seat Sensor Calibration