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The EScope Pro® is a powerful 16 bit PC based 8-channel, adjustable dual time base oscilloscope with complete accessory kit. EScope Pro® allows bi-directional control of electrical devices through the wiring, feedback equation (virtual replacement of electrical sensors), and more...

•Scope EIGHT circuits at the same time on two different time bases.
•Allows bidirectional control of electrical devices, feedback equation (virtual replacement of electrical sensors).
• Can be used simultaneously with other ATS equipment to view live waveforms, 5 gas data, and scan tool data.
• Power and then scope FOUR pressure transducers (sold separately) at the same time.
• Convert pressure transducer voltage to actual pressure or vacuum readings.
• Inject sensor signal simulations; test computer responses in live circuits.
• +/- 20 or +/- 500 Volt Range on all Eight Channels (Built in 50X Dividers!)
• >1 Mega Ohm Input Impedance on all Eight Channels.
• 16 Bit (0.0015%) Resolution on all Eight Channels.
• Large 1024x768 Pixel (XGA) Viewing Area with Large Colored Traces.
• Data Can be Saved to Text File or JPEG Image
• Operate actuators (coils, injectors, motors) to test their performance, with the press of a button.
• Free EIgnition software allows up to 8 individual triggers so waveforms can be superimposed.
• Free software updates!
• Free technical support!

8 Channel Dual Time Base Oscilloscope
• All Channels in Full Color with Masking to assist troubleshooting
• Dual Time Bases, Both Viewable Simultaneously on Separate Charts
• Each Channel can be Turned On or Off on Either Chart while Running or Holding
• Hold Buttons Allow Viewing of Last Five Screen Sweeps

8 Channel Stacked Oscilloscope
• Stacks Dual A Oscilloscope Data with Independent Ranges for Each Channel
• All Channels in Full Color with Masking to assist troubleshooting
• Hold Buttons Allow Viewing of Last Five Screen Sweeps
• MultiTool Tab allows Simultaneous Viewing of EScope® Data along with Data from other ATS Diagnostic Tools
Measure and Deep Record
• Use cursors to easily measure voltage, voltage difference, period (s),and frequency (Hz)
• Easily Zoom Window, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom All (extents) with mouse
• Easily Pan using mouse
• Data to be measured can come from Plot A, Plot B, or Deep Record
• Deep Record allows continuous recording of 500,000 samples of data on all eight channel
• After 500,000 sample buffer has been filled recording will continue erasing start of buffer only so the last 500,000 samples are always available for viewing and saving to file
• Mark Data (Page Up) Button: Allows you to mark events while recording data

8 Voltage Meters
• Eight Digital Readouts
• Eight Slide Bar Readouts in Vivid Color
• Independent Slide Bar Range Adjustments for Each Channel


Two Channel Timing Generator & Counter
• One TTL Output with Frequency and Duty Control
• One Pull Down Circuit with Frequency and Duty Control. Can Control High Current Devices like Fuel Injectors, EGR Solenoids, Canister Purge Solenoids, etc.
• Two Counter Inputs that can Measure Frequency, Period, Pulse Width, and Number of Pulses
• Chart Graphing for Count History


Two Channel Function Generator
• -10 to +10 Volts DC output
• Automotive Sensor Simulator Intercepts Sensor Signal on Meter and Sends Modified Signal to PCM
• Slow Frequency Waveform Generation: Sin, Triangle, Square, and Sawtooth (Ramp)


Demo Mode Playback of Files
• Files recorded can be played back as live data
• Provides ideal training setup without needing problematic vehicles in classroom
• Files can be created by instructor or can be loaded from library provided by ATS

Contents of the Escope
Deluxe Case with the following accessories:
* EScope Pro and Software
* 10 Color Coded 9ft BNC to Banana Plug Leads
* 1 @ 9ft Ground Lead
* 9 @ 12ft Color Coded Lead Extensions
* Low Current Amp Clamp (60A Max)
* High Current Amp Clamp (600A Max)
* 12 @ Color Coded Alligator Clips with Banana Jacks
* 8 @ Color Coded Back Probes with Banana Jacks
* 8 @ Color Coded T Wire Piercers
* 2 @ Test Probes with Banana Jacks (One Black, One Red)
* Inductive Pickup
* EIgnition Software
* 2 @Banana Plug Adapters
* AC Coupler
* 12V DC Power Supply (Battery Clips)
* Power Supply to Cigarette lighter
* Power Cord
* USB Cable
* Bracket Set for Laptop
* 2 @ Extra EScope Fuses
* Hard Plastic Case with Foam Padding for Accessory Kit
Advanced Use of the Oscilloscope video

For the EScope Limited we recommend the following:
* WXGA (1024x768 Pixel Resolution Screen)
* 1 GHz Processor Speed (faster is better)
* Windows XP or newer including Windows 10 tablets (Windows RT tablets are not supported)
* 256 MB RAM (more is better)
* 500 MB Available Hard Disk Space
* USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Port



Escope Module: What are all those connectors for?


he Escope is more than just a multi-channel oscilloscope. Beyond the 8-channel oscilloscope there 6 additional BNC connectors on the scope module for a total of 14.

Using the image below as our guide and starting on the right:
* 8 for channels 1 thru 8 
* 2 for analog out: Used to simulate sensors and feed into the ECU.
* 1 for TTL out: a timing output with adjustable frequency and duty. The signal could be used to simulate the EST pulse to an ECU.
* 1 for Pull Down Out: This is a timing output signal that can be setup similar to the TTL out. The difference is that it can pull down a lot of current which allows you to control things like fuel injectors and EGR solenoids. It can be used to do fuel injector flow testing.
* 2 for Counter: These are counters that can be used to measure frequency, period, pulse width, and number of pulses. The frequency could be used to count the RPM of a car. Counting pulses could be used to check for a slipping transmission.


Click image to enlarge.



Diagnosing CAN Communication Problem on Volvo S70


Fuel Pump Analysis with the EScan and EScope  


eScope Pro featured in Articles

ABS Speed Sensors
This article from Wells CounterPoint focuses on the operation and diagnosis of the variable-reluctance ABS speed sensor.

Engine Knock Sensors
Wells CounterPoint investigates engine knock sensors with a look at one and two-wire sensors.

Advanced air-fuel and oxygen sensor diagnosis
"Being that it had both a new PCM and sensor from the dealership, it was time to whip out the labscope to check the integrity of the wiring and to see if the heater circuit was duty cycling properly."




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