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i-Flash 2534 Global Programmer On-board Solution

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The i-Flash 2534 Global Programmer is a J2534-compliant passthrough reprogrammer and can be used on non-J2534 systems. Connect it to your PC, download the latest updates from the manufacturer and upload to your customer's vehicle.

The i-Flash lets you replace or recalibrate ECMs so you don't have to send your customers to the dealer. Updating calibrations are the ?21st Century Tune Up* and you can do them with the I-Flash. Calibrations files often correct: DTCs that set incorrectly, transmission shift points, timing issues, fuel economy and other driveability problems.

Over 75 million (93-current) North American vehicles have programmable ECMs and this number increases every year. Your customers already have these vehicles. With the i-Flash you can help keep them on the road and out of the dealership.

What is J2534, now known as J2534-1*
It is an SAE-standard, allows for the flash reprogramming of most late model vehicles through a standard hardware devise. Each vehicle manufacturer will provide their ECM calibration data to the aftermarket through subscriptions. Separate charges apply for these subscriptions.

What is J2534-2*
It provides a standardized interface for the OEM's to enable non-emission based pass-thru programming not mandated by J2534-1.

The i-Flash is is compatible with the J2534-1 & J2534-2 systems.

* GM TIS 2000 Programming
* Ford Programming
* Chrysler Programming, including VIN and mileage
* Honda/Acura
* Toyota/Lexus

Supported Protocols
* ISO 9141 * ISO KWP 2000 * SAE J1850 PWM * SAE * J1850 VPW * CAN * SCI SAE J2610 * GM 8192 UART

* iFlash 2534 Global Programmer Interface Module
* iFlash PC software
* RS-232 Cable
* Main Vehicle Cable
* OBDII on-vehicle adapter
* Power Supply
* 2534 Global Programmer User Guide

System Requirements
* PC with available serial port or appropriate adapter
* Windows 98 or higher
* Access to Internet (hi-speed preferable)
* Subscription to manufacturer for programming data


User-friendly Software

The iFlash 2534 Global Programmer software guides you through the flashing process all the way from purchasing the OEM subscription to reprogramming an ECU.


The iFlash is an extremely detailed step-by-step guide that illustrates every step of every process necessary for flash programming. It also provides common FAQs, a live message board, and links directly to OEM websites.


Only the iFlash Blue Streak Electronics 2534 Global Programmer comes complete with the iFlash user interface software.



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