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Fuel Control Problem Five Shorted Injectors
Gas Readings During 4 Cylinder Kill
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iGA5 Intelligent Gas Analyzer

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Backordered! Due to manufacturing delays, this item is currently on back order until further notice. 

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The ATS iGA5 - Intelligent Gas Analyzer spots common problems with update rates from probe to screen display as fast as 5 seconds! Locate fuel control problems, misfires, leaking head gaskets, no starts, hard starts, and EVAP system leaks.

iGA5 is a premium gas analyzer, made of the finest materials, designed to provide many years of trouble-free service. It comes packaged as a ready-to-run test solution, with all necessary cables, probes, connectors, hoses, and its own power supply.

Run the iGA5 alone or use ATS Multitool software to link it to both EScan Pro and EScope Pro or EScope Limited. 

Text or Pictures
Review iGA5 readings as numeric data, or graph them in bold, colorful displays that make it easy to spot trends and imbalances. Increase diagnostic power by 50% with ATS’ innovative iGA5 software. Save data as text or image, branded with your shop name; annotated for future reference.

Service When You Need It
ATS provides  tech support before and after the sale: that includes software updates and live answers to your questions. 

iGA5 measurements of HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOx meets or exceeds OIML Class 1 Gas StandardsMeasures concentration in parts per million or percentages and supports measuring grams per mile / kilometerCertified to BAR-90 (United States Bureau of Automotive Repair)Meets the performance specifications of BAR-97Also certified under the AirCare program of British Columbia, Canada.

* 5 gas measurements of HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOx
* Meets or exceeds OIML Class 1 Gas Standards
* Measures concentration in parts per million or percentages and supports measuring grams per mile / kilometer
* Certified to BAR-90 (United States Bureau of Automotive Repair)
* Meets the performance specifications of BAR-97
* Also certified under the AirCare program of British Columbia, Canada

Kit Includes:
* Quick Connect
* Sample Probe
* Sample Probe Handle
* Sample Hose
* Tach Pickup
* Cable Assembly for AC/DC
* Serial Cable
* Power Supply
* Power Cord
* USB to Serial Adapter
* Extra Filter Element
* Manual
* Emission Analyzer & Software

Interfaces to PC via USB Adapter
* Large 1024x768 Pixel (XGA) Viewing Area with Large Colored Traces.
* Data Can be Saved to Text File for Future Retrieval.
* Data Can be Saved to JPEG Image for E-mailing or Documentation.
* Web Enabled for Remote Monitoring on LAN or Internet.
* Hold Button allows Cursor Measurements of last 2.5 Minutes.
* MultiTool Tab allows Simultaneous Viewing of Emission Data along with Data from other ATS Diagnostic Tools.

PC minimum recommendations for the iGA
• WXGA (1280x768 pixel resolution screen)
• 1 GHz Processor Speed (faster is better)
• Windows 10 or newer
• 256 MB RAM or more
• 500 MB or more
• USB 2.0 or newer



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