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> Breakouts > uTest Advanced Terminal Test Kit

Create a T-harness
Simulate Airbags
Slim design fits into tight connectors

uTest Advanced Terminal Test Kit

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New fuse loops available now (not included with the uTest Kit): Low Profle, Micro 2, Micro 3


This uTest Advanced Terminal Test Kit is the perfect companion for your lab scope and meter. Each item connects to 4mm banana plugs, except for one, a set of adapters that convert a 2.0mm pin tip probe or plug to standard 4.0mm banana plug.

Newest additions include:
- Set of Small Gator Clips.
- Set of two Adapters: converts a 4.0mm banana plug to a 2.0mm banana plug.
- Set of two Adapters: converts a 2.0mm pin tip probe to standard 4.0mm banana plug.

- 13 sets of terminal leads, including Micro 50 and Micro 64 flats.
- Fuse Amp Loops with large loops and flexible wire for ease of connection and placement.
- Micro Backprobes
- Coupler leads (male and female)
- 10KΩ Variable Resistor
- Set of alligator clips, large jaw gators, pin tip probes, piercing probes
- Y-adapter for Terminal leads
- Airbag/SRS Simulator with 3 sets of resistors 2.0, 2.2 & 2.7Ω
Use with your lab scope or DMM to connect to a wide variety of sensors, actuators and circuits.

Use for terminal drag testing too.

A soft-sided carrying case keeps everything organized.


ScannerDanner uses the 10 Kohm Variable Resistor (included with the uTest kit) to simulate the resistor "pellet" in the key of a 1997 El Dorado with dashboard messages that read "Theft System Problem", "Car may not restart", "Starting Disabled Due To Theft System". Video will start at 5:38.


Eric O uses one of the terminal leads to help with a relative compression test. Video will start at 3:42.


Go Tech Technical Specialist Mike Becker uses the AES uTest kit to drag test the TCM.


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