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Autel MaxiSYS ELITE, available from AESwave

Click here to order the Autel MaxiSYS ELITE call us at 559-292-7851 or send us your number.

It includes a 2-year subscription and warranty, high resolution screen, docking station, J2534 box, and is supported by Autel US. Since 2009, AESwave has been an authorized reseller for Autel North America.

At no extra charge, AESwave includes the two cables required to flash BMW F-chassis:
- the BMW Ethernet cable
- and an Ethernet to USB Adapter cable

Is the ELITE the right one for you? Video Comparison: Which Autel MaxiSys is right for you?

To order the Autel ELITE call us at 559-292-7851 or send us your number.
The unit is not listed on our site, but we stock it and sell it, AESwave is an authorized Autel USA dealer.