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Autel Comparison: Which Autel MaxiSys is right for you?

An Autel comparison, which Autel MaxiSys is right for you and your shop? This video compares the features of each Autel MaxiSys tool.

Since 2009, AESwave has been an authorized reseller for Autel North America.



Summary of the Autel Comparison
Each MaxiSys offers diagnostics for Asian, Domestics, European. All but the ms906 are compatible with the Autel digital inspection camera and Autel lab scope. All include 1-year updates and warranty, but the Elite is 2-years.

MaxiSys ms906: timeStamp 0:41.
- Tethered (not wireless)

MaxiSys ms906BT: not included in video.
- Wireless version of the ms906.

MaxiSys ms905: timeStamp 1:20

MaxiSys ms906ts: timeStamp 1:54
- TPMS functions plus clone, create, program Autel branded sensors.
- Wireless up to 30-ft

MaxiSys ms908: timeStamp 2:51
Very similar to the ms905 but includes...
- Bigger screen than the ms905, plus 3-hours more battery life.
- Can be upgraded to the ms908p with the optional J2534 box.
- Wireless up to 250-ft.

MaxiSys ms908p: timeStamp 3:23
Same as the ms908 but includes a J2534 box for...
- Programming and coding via MaxiSys tablet: BMW, Mini, Benz, Maybach.
- Programming with J2534 box via PC, OE subscriptions sold separately.

MaxiSys ms908 Elite: timeStamp 4:50
Very similar to the ms908p but includes...
- Higher resolution screen, faster processor, larger screen, docking station.
- 2-year warranty, 2-year update subscription.
- Finally....Available from AESwave but not posted on the site. Contact us for pricing.

Since 2009, AESwave has been an authorized reseller for Autel North America.