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(AES# PP-4)

(AES# PP-4 Master Kit)

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(AES# uMaster)

(AES# 07-600-BNC)

(AES# 16-200)

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(AES# ATL-Ultra)

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(AES# ATL-ms909)

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(AES# PP-3s Master Kit)

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(AES# TDB-006)

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(AES# TD-Phx-Max)


(AES# 16-202-Mcase)

The AES Fuse Amp Loop with Voltage Tap makes it easy to capture current and voltage waveforms right at the fuse socket!

It fits slotted and unslotted MCASE, as well as Eaton FMS cartridge fuses

Use it with your favorite amp clamp, DMM or ideally, a lab scope.

Did you know that a current waveform at the fuse will potentially show the current load of all active components? By monitoring the voltage and the current together you can see how the current load might create a voltage drop in the circuit that feeds power to the fuse.

The AES Fuse Amp Loop with Voltage Tap takes testing at the fuse socket to the next level with unique features:

1. Long loop – An extra-long loop made from highly flexible wire makes it easy to reposition your amp probe to a safe location/position. For example, when working under the hood and wanting to go on a test drive.

2. Voltage Tap – The voltage tap is a short pig tail terminated to a 4mm banana socket which provides a secure test lead connection to monitor the voltage at the fuse terminal. Capturing voltage and current simultaneously can provide very important information for diagnostics!

3. Blown Fuse Indicator LED - know with a glance if the fuse is blown!

4. Reduced bulk – Reduced bulk at fuse blades for tight fits.

Scan Tool


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