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The Mechanics of a Waveform, Motor Magazine, August 2014
Every time a waveform moves up or down, something in the circuit that’s being tested has changed. Learning to identify the factors that shape a waveform is a powerful diagnostic skill. In this article originally published in the August 2014 issue of Motor Magazine, Jorge Menchu explains how to  reverse-engineer a waveform step-by-step using Ohm's Law II.

Sharpening Your Most Important Diagnostic Tool, Motor Magazine, May 2013
The scan tool and digital storage oscilloscope should be considered indispensable tools. But they can quickly become nearly worthless if the user doesn’t develop an effective way of integrating them into an overall approach to diagnostics.


Strategies & Techniques for Waveform Analysis, Motor Magazine, July 2012
A fact of life is that a waveform, in many cases, is mandatory for professional-level diagnostics. Its unique perspective offers us the opportunity to learn more and learn faster.


Intellectual Property & Your Shop, Motor Magazine, March 2011
In today’s shop, information is an indispensible tool used daily to diagnose and repair vehicles. Utilizing, creating and sharing information from many sources involve respecting and protecting intellectual property rights


Wiring Diagram Color-Coding, Motor Magazine, December 2008
One of your earliest childhood memories may be a remonstration to "color inside the lines." Coloring on the lines is a simple tool that can be used to increase your understanding of even the most complicated electrical circuits.


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