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uScope Deployed and on Active Duty

Emmanuel Vences is an automotive technician at Automax Service and Repair in Pflugerville, TX. He is also a Combat Engineer, with the rank of E4/Specialist in an Army Reserves route clearance company, get an overview. This past summer he was called up for a 400-day tour of active duty for deployment to the Middle East. 

Before leaving, he decided to sell most of his diagnostic gear. When we learned of this, we bought it back from him and sent him the single-channel uScope.

Soldiers have their guns and combat vehicle...

Technician's gotta have their scope!

Emmanual says that diagnostic equipment is hard to come by over there, so the uScope has been very helpful. 

When off duty (on PASS), Emmanuel has taught the platoon mechanic how to use the uScope to diagnose problems on their RG-31 mine-resistant personnel carrier combat vehicle.
Read about the RG-31.
Walk around the RG-31.
Get an RG-31 driving lesson.
Take the RG-31 for a drive.

To quickly find a loose connection to a powered fuse, they connected the uScope to the circuit’s toggle switch, then did a wiggle test and watched the voltage dropouts on the uScope. 

Wiring diagrams nor repair information are available, so Emmanuel is gathering known-goods from the RG-31. The following image shows known-good captured from the joystick turret. He states that these systems have many problems and expects the uScope will reduce the parts swapping that often introduces new problems. 

Known Good Captured!

Perhaps every combat vehicle should include a lab scope as part of its BII (Basic Issue Item).