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OE-Specified Voltage Environment During Reprogramming

When it comes to vehicle reprogramming, there is one constant, and that is the need for a stable voltage environment to ensure a successful reprogramming event. The importance of this issue is illustrated by a Porsche after sales service bulletin involving 2018-20 Cayenne vehicles. 
Porsche states that an increased current draw during diagnosis or control unit reprogramming can cause a drop in voltage, which can result in one or more fault entries and the abnormal termination of the reprogramming process. The module may shut down with little or no warning. The low voltage limit and shutdown behavior also differ between modules. If a low voltage condition occurs during reprogramming, communications between the PIWISI Tester and the module will be lost, and the module may be rendered permanently inoperable. Source:
Regardless of your reprogramming tool of choice is, be it factory tool, aftermarket tool or pass-through device, each OE has a recommended target system voltage in which the event should take place. Not surprisingly, they vary from make to make and can even vary from model to model within one manufacturer. To return to our example, before starting control unit reprogramming, Porsche specifies connecting a battery charger or power supply suitable for AGM batteries. The recommended current rating is 90A with a fixed voltage of 13.5 to 14.5V. 
On behalf of Clore Automotive, Tanner Brandt put together a quick reference sheet that lists each manufacturer’s specified voltages for module reprogramming, click here.

The Clore PRO-LOGIX PL6100 and the PL6800 are two battery maintainers that will provide the current and fixed voltage that Porsche and all other manufacturers require. They each provide clean power, fast response to load changes, and continuous 100A power for an indefinite period of time. Free ground shipping to the lower 48 states, use promo code: FreeShipSOL

The PL6100 also offers 60/40/10A charging rates.

The PL6800 offers 100/40/10A 60/40/10A charging rates.

Free ground shipping to the lower 48 states, use promo code: FreeShipSOL