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(AES# pt-TA189)

$119.00 - $139.00

(AES# esi-687)

(AES# pt-TA496)

The PicoBNC+® 60 A DC compact current clamp’s reduced form factor fits comfortably in your hand and improves accessibility in tight and difficult to access test locations, making it easier to hold and use around vehicles.

The in-built PicoBNC+® technology makes the TA496 easy to use. As the clamp is scope-powered there are no batteries for you to change and it is always ready to go. Automatic probe recognition saves you from having to select the probe in the software. Automatic range switching means you don’t have to change the range on the probe itself, just select a range in the software and the probe will take care of itself. You don’t even have to zero the clamp, PicoBNC+® can take care of that too.

The clamp’s signal accuracy and clarity are improved, particularly in low current ranges. It’s cleaner waveforms brings noticeably better diagnostic accuracy to your workshop.

It is powered by the PicoScope 4225A/4425A via the PicoBNC+ connector. That makes it a great choice for overnight parasitic drain tests.

It is automatically zeroed when connected to the PicoBNC+. The probe can then be zeroed at anytime you can press the zero button displayed in the PicoScope 7 software.

Additionally, ranging is carried out automatically with no user switching required and the clamp is auto-zeroed whenever connected to the scope.  

Compared to Pico's other low amp probes, the 60A DC Compact Current Clamp (TA496) has the smallest jaw opening and the smallest housing.