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AES Mastering Low Current Probes

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This video set was created in 2002 and has not been modified since.

The lab scopes used in the video and documented in the manual include:
- Fluke 98-2
- The original Snap-on Vantage
- Interro PDA / Matco Insight / OTC Vision
- LS-2000 / ADL-7100
- a 20mHz Analog scopes

Take your automotive investigations to the next level with this to-the-point training video and manual. An excellent video training package for beginning and novice low current probe users. Includes one DVD and companion manual.

The goal of this training kit is to give you the foundation information needed so that you can become expert in the application of the low current probe. It is based on the concept that to become an expert is to master the basics and how the basic make up the complex. In other words, if you understand “how”, you will be more successful in discovering “why”.

What will you learn from this video?
Jorge presents an insightful, objective and precise explanation of the tools, the systems and the diagnostic strategies for using current probes, lab scopes and graphing meters in your automotive investigations. In less than two hours you will gain the knowledge needed to take your diagnostic skills to the next level. This video contains 104 minutes of intense details covering:
* Current flow basics
* Probe construction and operation
* Probe selection and calibration
* Scope setup and connection
* Scope and probe synchronization
* Circuit connection
* Signal analysis

Why should you buy this video?
* This video contains realistic and pertinent information to help you become more accurate and efficient in your diagnosis enabling you to fix more cars and make more money.
* Procedures are explained and demonstrated step-by-step
* The information is logically presented so it is easy to watch while increasing retention and application. (Learn it then do it!).
* All the information contained in this video applies to most automotive/industrial scopes, graphing meters and current probes regardless of the brand.

Who will benefit from the video?
You will benefit form this video if you are a:
* Technician -- harness the diagnostic power of current analysis
* Educator -- prepare for the addition of amp probes into your curriculum
* Shop owner -- ensure all your techs are amp probe literate
* Trainer -- compliment your knowledge

What skill level is this package for?
This video and accompanying manual are geared toward individuals at various skill levels from beginner to advanced. Those at the beginner and intermediate level will gain the foundation knowledge to understand and be successful with current measurement. More advanced technicians will also benefit by learning about details and insights that they may not have known. There is something for everyone in this video training package.

What's included with this video package?
This package includes one DVD and a comprehensive manual in a plastic binder for safe storage.

Total video running time is approx 104 minutes.
The manual is approximately 72 pages long
Video and Manual created in 2002

Who is Jorge Menchu?
Jorge is a nationally recognized trainer known for his in-depth knowledge of automotive electrical systems and his unique presentation skills. He has a knack for making complex technical subjects easy to understand by breaking them down into their fundamental parts.

Jorge says: The specific scopes used as setup examples are older DSOs. The specifics are unique to each scope but the overall process and general details will apply to most newer scopes.


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