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AES' Electronics Acupuncture Probe Kit

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The most versatile set of electrical probes ever! For testing electronic systems in which minimal impact back probing and wire piercing is mandatory.

The EAP is a Backpinning probe
Use it in tight spots!First and foremost, the EAP is a back-pinning probe. This is essential for probing today's small, fragile connectors or multiple connections at a single connector. It is also very sharp, so it slides past connector seals with ease. This product solves most of the problems associated with traditional back-pinning methods and we're sure you'll love using it.

The EAP is a Piercing probe
Secondly, the EAP is a piercing probe. It's small diameter, extra sharp pin makes it ideal for piercing the insulation on small gauge wires where traditional piercing tools might cause damage. Of course, if a wire is too small, piercing it might not be a good idea no matter what tool you use.

The EAP is a Pin-tip probe
Third, the EAP is a pin-tip probe. Traditional pin-tip probes usually have a .080" diameter tip with a bulky plastic body. This is fine in many situations but how sharp can a .080" OD pin be* Eighty thousandths might sound pretty small but it can get big really quick on a crowded circuit board. If you do much work on today's small circuit boards and you get frustrated with your pin-tip probes; you'll appreciate the EAP.

The EAP is a ???* probe
In our discussions here at AES World Headquarters we've come to realize that there might be more uses for the EAP that we haven't thought of. Maybe there is an application that we haven't realized or perhaps there is a unique pin that could be installed to aid with certain types of testing. Who knows what else is possible. We're sure that using your own creativity and resourcefulness; you'll come up with even more cool things to use the EAP for.

The EAP is field repairable!
And finally, here's the best part. Don't you just hate it when you are using a back-pinning probe and it bends or breaks* Before the EAP came along, this meant that you had to buy a whole new back-probe. Not with the EAP; it's repairable. If the pin becomes damaged or useless in any way, simply take your pocket or jewelers screwdriver, remove the setscrew, pull out the old pin and install a new one! There's no need to replace your entire probe. There is a supply of replacement pins and setscrews included in the EAP kit and you can even use inexpensive pins from a sewing or discount store.

Kit Contents
* 7 EAP probes: large Red, 3 medium (Yellow, Green, Black), 2 small Blue
* 7 extra set screws
* Many extra needles of each size: Large, Medium, Small
* A durable plastic storage and display case
* A one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship



The Electronics Acupuncture Probe (EAP) is a pin tip probe for low voltage electronic testing. The EAP is unique in that it uses standard straight pins as the probe needle, which is easily replaced.

Bend the needle, break it, then replace it!

Small outer diameter and needle sharp, the EAP is ideal for probing of high density connectors and small diameter wires.

Want a longer needle, smaller, thinner* No problem, the EAP easily accepts other sized needles. Just make a trip to your local fabric store!


Weather pack connectors, easily slides through weather pack seals without damage.

Close tolerance connectors, small diameter needle is necessary for tight spaces.

High density delicate connectors, minimal stress on delicate connectors.

PC boards, needle tip and small diameter is ideal for PC board testing.








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