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LOADpro Dynamic Test Lead

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Use the LOADpro* with your meter to find these problems FAST:
* High Corrosive Resistance
* Shorts to ground
* Open Circuits
LOADpro* performs voltage drop

Applications * Automotive * Heavy Duty * Marine * RV Equipment

LOADpro* performs voltage drop test with the push of a button. Voltage drop has never been this simple!

LOADpro* works with your existing DMM.

Connect the LOADpro* to your with your DMM. Then connect the LOADpro* to a 12 Volt system, press the LOADpro* switch to apply a load of approximately 0.5 Amps across the circuit. This simple test finds problems in corroded wires/connections and shorts to ground.

Watch the LOADpro* video to see how it helps you diagnose faster and earn more $$$ diagnosing wiring problems.

Start doing voltage drops now!

* LOADpro* unit with 60" voltmeter leads
* 47" Ground extension with black SteadyPin Probe, attached to tesLOAD unit.
* Pair of SteadyPin tips
* Pair of small Alligators
* User Manual

Companion Book: ShopBook: Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting
Written by the inventor of the LOADpro, Dan Sullivan, 200-pages of diagnostic methods, examples of troubleshooting techniques, and practical, hands-on lessons that make learning and understanding electricity easy. Also explains how relays work, what multiplexing is and how to use your digital meter like a pro.



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This Item: LOADpro Dynamic Test Lead
ShopBook: Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting


How much load does the LoadPro output?

The LoadPro outputs a 40mA/Volt load. The load applied varies with the amount of voltage:
On a 1 volt circuit, the load is .04 A.
On a 6 volt circuit, the load is .24 A.
On a 12 volt circuit, the load is .48 A.
On a 15 volt circuit, the load is .60 A.

SteadyPin Probes

LOADpro features SteadyPin probe tips.

Instead of a pointed probe, SteadyPin tips have a small recess at the tip that allows the probe to sit firmly on a male ECM or connector pin. Traditional pointed probes fail to give an effective connection and creates difficulties in completing manufacturer specific voltmeter tests.


Hands-on with the LoadPro


Companion book for the Loadpro

The LOADpro companion book is 200-pages of basic electricity explained in a way that make it useful in the shop. Sold separately.


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