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2017 Motor Magazine Top 20 Awards

MOTOR Magazine’s Top 20 Tools Award recognizes those tools and equipment manufacturer’s who, through innovative features on new products, help technicians diagnose and repair vehicles correctly – the first time. The complete list of winners is listed at


In no particular order, our five favorite winners are...


EScan Elite Intelligent Power Scan by ATS

It analyzes fuel trim, volumetric efficiency, catalytic efficiency.

It translates Mode 06.

It talks during test drives.

It does Power and Braking tests with built-in accelerometer.


Autel MaxiSys MS906TS

Android-based tablet with three tools in one:
- Diagnostics
- Service


MongoosePro Nissan

Maximize Right to Repair and use the MongoosePro® Nissan with "CONSULT III plus R2R" on 2018-newer and with NERS J2534.

Scheduled to begin shipping in October!



Launch x431 tools with Tech 2 Tech

Got a friend with a X431? Connect them both to wifi and share live screens, live data, and run tests.

The Tech 2 Tech is available in the Launch X431:
- Pro
- Pro 3
- Pad II A
- Pad II AE





Pico's Detectors

Detect the presence of the keyless entry carrier frequency in the range 125-140 kHz (as used by most manufacturers) with the Pico TA330 Keyless Entry Carrier Signal Detector.

Verify the operation of each of the ultrasonic parking sensors with the Pico TA329 Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Detector.

Both detectors can be used with lab scopes such as the PicoScope, Snap-on, uScope, and others.