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Fuel Trims: Testing & Diagnosing Rich and Lean Conditions, a Wells Tech webinar

At time stamp 34:20 the Pico is used with the 2000A current probe to perform a cranking compression test.


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This less than 30-minute webcast gives you direct access to the Wells Tech team of ASE-certified technicians as they explore in depth into fuel trims - Testing & Diagnosing Rich and Lean Conditions (P0171, P0172, P0174, P0175).  This live webcast will cover:
• Common and uncommon diagnostic procedures
• Tips and best practices to increase diagnostic efficiency
• Live on car testing

Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017

Time: 11AM and 2PM CST.  The thirty-minute session will broadcast four times, allowing each time zone to start at noon local time: EST, CST, MST and PST.

Cost: Free

There is no need to register. Simply visit on the day of the webinar and select the link for your respective time zone.