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GM changes Programming Subscriptions

GM is changing their price structure for programming subscriptions, effective 2/15/18.
- End of all unlimited programming packages (3 months, 1-year, complete diagnostic package, programming/Tech2 package).
- programming packages only sold per VIN at $40 for a period of 24 months (all modules)
- Tech2 Diagnostics Package is changing from $750/yr to a onetime charge of $250.

It gets worse.
- If a module's VIN does not match the PCM's VIN, you need to buy TWO programming packages!

How is this going to affect you?
- Fleets and dealers do not seem to be affected.
- Independents who program occassionally may save money.
- Independents who purchase Monthly or Annual subscriptions will pay more and will use more time to maintain subscriptions.

Is there a work around?
GM says subscriptions can be stacked if purchased before 2/15/18, but, endless support for stacked subscriptions is not guaranteed. You are at the mercy of GM.

What can we do?
Contact NASTF, select "Contact NASTF On Non-Gap Issues" to let them know how the change affects your business and your customers.

Thanks to the MAD Programmer for help with this article.