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It's Finally Shop Time! ScannerDanner takes his class of newbies into the shop

Ready to take it easy and take a teaching job? Think twice about that -- It ain’t so easy.

Watch ScannerDanner with his class of newbies as he leads them out of the lecture room and into the shop for the first time.

To keep the kids safe and to run a shop full of newbies requires experience, preparation, and organization. Having a camera on your head may help too.

How did ScannerDanner get started as a teacher?

In the shop I always liked showing people how to do things. One day I saw one of my former instructors at my shop (pep boys) and he ask me if I wanted to teach and that the school was looking for an instructor. I made the switch and never looked back. It took me a long time to really develop.

Darcey Wedel taught at Barton County Community College before taking a position with Electude, the maker of Argo. Like ScannerDanner, Darcey was asked to take the job.

I got my start when a teacher from a nearby college requested to participate in a summer internship at the local dealer I worked at.  The service manager teamed him up with me and he eventually asked if I’d be interested in teaching an Electrical night class for him - which I did.  One thing led to the next and two years later I became a full-time faculty member at the local college.

Getting started wasn’t easy - I had no real mentor, other than the training style I was familiar with (attending GM training).  I struggled for a while, but eventually learned what worked and what didn’t and developed my own training style (similar to how it takes time to develop into a good technician). 

Professional technicians can make great teachers and teaching can make a great career for those who have the 'teaching' bug. But don't do it alone like ScannerDanner and Darcey did, reach out and connect online and at conferences with teachers from all over the country.  Here are a few good resources to check out:

• Automotive teacher groups:

• Teaching jobs:

• iATN Educator’s forum:

• Resources from veteran instructors: 


Now, back to Auto Shop with ScannerDanner as he keeps the chaos under control and the kids on task...


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