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Join Scanner Danner and Brandon Steckler on May 29 and 30th at Rosedale Tech

UPDATED April 15th 2020. This event has cancelled. If you paid you will receive a full refund or be given the option to attend a rescheduled event.


Join ScannerDanner and Brandon Steckler for a 2-day event on May 29-30th at Rosedale Technical College in Pittsburgh, PA.

Friday May 29th, meet-n-greet dinner with ScannerDanner (for registered attendees only).

Saturday May 30th, all day seminars begin with ScannerDanner's 1-hour presentation followed up with Brandon Steckler's 7-hour seminar.

Brandon's seminar is structured to take the pressure-transducer novice to a whole new level. The goal is for someone with lab scope/engine mechanical operation knowledge, to gain the ability to capture pressure waveforms (from the intake manifold/tailpipe and in-cylinder) and be able to use the information to make diagnostic-decisions.

The course will cover transducer functionality with both absolute transducers as well as delta transducers. It will touch on the benefits and characteristics of both types of transducers and how they can be used to gain an edge. Diagnostic-approach will be carried out using real world examples and case studies. 

Brandon's class and case studies are based on ATS, Pico and Snap-on lab scopes and transducers.

Cost to attend is $229 per person and includes dinner on Friday during the meet-n-greet with ScannerDanner, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday during the seminars, and Brandon's 350+page manual printed in color.

Net proceeds from this seminar will support Rosedale Technical College’s institutional grant program for prospective students pursuing a career in the trades industry.

To register and for more information, visit is proud to sponsor this event.