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Jorge Menchu wins a GOLD Editorial Award for Best Technical Article

Many of you have read the technical articles written by Jorge Menchu, founder of AES. The folks from the Trade, Association and Business Publications International (TABPI) have also read Jorge's articles along with many others from hundreds of candidates vying for a Tabbie Award, a worldwide editorial and design competition for trade publications, and choose the work that rises above the rest. 

This year, Jorge won the Tabbie GOLD Editorial Award for Best Technical Article with his “Scope Testing: Answering Probing Questions” article in the May 2015 issue of Motor Magazine! 

Judges noted that the article “beautifully explained the issues surrounding scope testing and probes around high voltage circuits… the type of article that readers would crave more of.” 

Read the article at Motor or download a PDF.

View a list of all the winners and learn more about the awards.


More of Jorge's articles are listed on this page, including "Strategies & Techniques for Waveform Analysis" published in the 2012 July issue of Motor Magazine which received an Honorable Mention Tabbie.