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ScannerDanner fixes his Snap-on Vantage (MT2400), Yes, he still uses it!

Is your Snap-on Vantage (MT2400) randomly shutting off? Not powering up? Losing memory? You're not alone.

ScannerDanner likes to use his Snap-on Vantage (MT2400) on his mobile jobs but after years of use it has reliability issues. In this video he shows us how he gets the unit back to work.

Why does ScannerDanner still use the Snap-on Vantage (MT2400)?  

It was discontinued years ago and Snap-on has dropped it from their support. Plus, ScannerDanner knows how to use multi-channel labscopes, scan tools, meters; he knows his way around a circuit, he knows pattern failures, why on earth is he still using the MT2400?

Paul's response to that question, "It's a super fast voltmeter with scope type abilities. If I want a quick measurement of something this is the first tool I grab. Sure the component database is outdated but the tool itself absolutely is not! Cam and crank signals, coil and injector control, parasitic drains, alternator and battery tests and anything you would use a DVOM for. The Snap-on Vantage is my right hand man."

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