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ScannerDannering a Valve Seat Problem

How many ways can you spot a valve seat problem without removing the intake manifold or spark plug on a 2008 Hummer H3 3.7L which misfires at idle?

ScannerDanner explores a few different methods that include using a scan tool, cylinder leak down tester, borescope, vacuum gauge, and a lab scope with an amp probe and transducers.

These videos are not intended to teach you the fastest method, the best method, or the best tool for the job. He is teaching his students the different methods that can be used and luckily for us he filmed it and put it into a playlist.

Part 1
- Scan Tool to review misfire data
- In-Cylinder pressure test using a 500psi transducer
- Cranking Compression with an amp probe and Scope
- Leak Down Test

Part 2   
- Borescope (discussion only)
- Vacuum Gauge (watch the fluctuations)
- Scoping a MAP sensor during snap throttle (sensor ground vs battery ground)
- Intake Vacuum 

Part 3   
- Cranking test while scoping a MAP sensor using the Pico Scope with Rotation Markers

Part 4    Leak Down Test again! (ScannerDanner recommends you watch Part 5 before watching Part 4)

Part 5   
- In-clyinder pressure test with scope and transducer

Part 6    Compares four signals on one scope screen:
- MAP Sensor
- Intake manifold captured with a Pico WPS50 transducer
- In-cylinder captured with a pv-350
- COP Ignition signal used as trigger