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Thermistor Circuit with ScannerDanner

ScannerDanners says, "A basic scan tool, a voltmeter and a little bit of knowledge of the workings of a thermistor circuit are all that is needed to troubleshoot any temperature sensor problem." This video involves an intake air and coolant temp sensor on a VW.


Paul has unlocked the video for “Section 6 Thermistors Part 4” from ScannerDanner Premium to answer any questions about the testing procedures shown in the video above. This is a 36 minute lecture from his Engine Performance class at Rosedale Technical College.  For those of you that have his book Engine Performance Diagnostics, you can follow along in Section 6, pages 10-17.

A subscription is not necessary to watch this video, but is for the rest of the series.


Purchase the printed version of ScannerDanner's book from AESwave and then receive a discount on the eBook.