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Trigger Basics with PicoScope

Join ScannerDanner and his students in the classroom as he explains all about triggering with the PicoScope.

Gotta like that Smartboard!

In this "scope basics" video ScannerDanner explains:
- Time base and voltage scale basics
- Trigger
- Tigger slope
- Trigger delay
- Tiggering for multiple channel
- Auto trigger
- Single trigger
- Repeat trigger



During the video ScannerDanner mentions that you can download and play with the PicoScope software, here is the link:

Click here download PicoScope version 6.7.28

When you open the PicoScope software select the Demo device and click OK, the software will open in demo mode and give you the chance to experiment with the features of PicoScope. Use the Demo Signal Generator button on the toolbar to change the test signals. Then change any of the settings as if your on-car. Have fun!