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The MasterTech uses a metal BNC
The Interro scopes use a metal BNC
The Matco Insight uses metal BNC
The OTC Vision uses a metal BNC
The Snap-on Vantage PGM uses banana plugs
The uScope uses a micro BNC
For scopes that use Banana Plugs
For scopes that use BNC
BNC for Fluke ScopeMeters
For scopes that use an insulated BNC
For scopes that use a micro BNC
Use for Fluke Scopemeters and scopes with Recessed BNC

AC Pass Filter Test Lead

$49.00 - $59.00
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California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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Not all scopes have the capability of AC input coupling, this makes it difficult to troubleshoot alternator ripple and other signals.

Not a problem with the AC Filter Test Lead. It does the job for you by filtering out the DC (steady) portion of the signal so you can concentrate on the AC (always changing) signal, making it easy work to diagnose alternator ripple.

Read Mark Warren's article at about AC coupling.

You can also use the AES AC Filter Test Lead to perform a cranking compression test since it allows you to focus in on small fluctuations in battery voltage!

Includes datasheet with general setup instructions and two insulated alligator clips (red and black).

Characteristics of the AC Filter Test Lead (AES# 03-90 ):
Attentuation: :   n/a
Connector at Scope* :   Available with Banana Plugs, BNC (Fluke, Insulated, Micro)
Cable :   RG58, Shielded  
Color :   Black  
Length :   6-ft (ask about custom lengths)
Connector(s) at vehicle :   Trigger pickup onto plug wire

What type of connector does my scope use?



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