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BNC Adapter/Repair Kit for Fluke ScopeMeter

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Adapt the Fluke insulated BNC to standard non-insulated BNC - Allows the use of non-isulated test leads and accessories with the Fluke series of lab scopes.

Fluke ScopeMeters* such as the 97, 98 and 190-series use insulated BNC connectors for the test lead connection. This provides excellent high voltage protection but can be can be problematic for some automotive applications:

Problem #1
The plastic insulated BNC connectors have slightly different dimensions than most common metal BNC connectors. Often, this results in connection problems when using test leads or accessories equipped with common metal BNC connectors. In other words, when testing with a standard metal BNC connector test lead, simply moving the test lead can result in a bad connection.

Problem #2
Over time, the plastic gets worn out.

The Solution
AES' BNC Adapter/Repair Kit for Fluke ScopeMeter* addresses both of these problems:

First, each adapter features an OEM-style insulated BNC connector that insures a good scope connection. The standard, metal female BNC on the other end will work perfectly with most every BNC connector or accessory.

Second, the adapters can be permanently installed on worn or broken scope connectors.
* Clean the scope connector with denatured alcohol or other suitable solvent and remove any loose plastic material.
* Use a high viscosity CA glue such as Zap-a-gap to glue the adapter permanently to the scope.
* Only place glue in the area of the ears of the scope BNC.
* Do not let the glue contaminate the signal mating areas
NOTE: In many cases, the adapters will stay secured to the scope without gluing.
NOTE: Some scope connectors may be too damaged for even this. In these cases, contact Fluke to get your scope repaired.

* 2 OEM insulated BNC to metal BNC adapters
* 1 OEM insulated BNC to banana socket adapter - allows use of accessories equipped with banana plugs.

* As with most scopes, the exposed metal BNC connector will be part of your test lead ground path. Use caution to avoid placing this connector on the battery postive terminal, alternator terminal, etc.



The Problem:
A Broken BNC connector

Fluke's Insulated BNC provides excellent high voltage protection but there may be problems using standard metal BNC test leads or accessories. Also, the plastic can become worn or broken over time.


The Cure:

Replace the plastic BNC on the scope with a metal BNC.



The Solution:

Pigtails for each channel of the scope that convert the plastic BNC female on the Fluke scope to a tough, metal BNC.


An adapter that converts the plastic BNC female on the Fluke scope to banana sockets.




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