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Premium Automotive DMM

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Equipped for advanced automotive diagnostics, the #597 is a CAT III 1000 Volt rated meter, therefore safe to use on Hybrids.

The #597 includes a Peak Min/Max function which measures transient voltages as fast as 1 Millisecond and also measures the ON-TIME (pulse width) of fuel injectors and features a desirable 20 Amp test range.

Kit includes an Inductive RPM pick-up with a five position, adjustable sensitivity switch.

This unit is even waterproof to IP67 standards - that's right, if you drop it into water, it floats!

* Highest Quality Auto-Ranging DMM Designed for Automotive Trouble Shooting
* 18 Test Functions, 48 Test Ranges
* Peak Min/Max records transient voltages as fast as 1 millisecond
* Min/Max Mode records variations in all functions
* Non-Contact IR Thermometer Adapter Included - 1022F/550C max temp readings
* Also measures Temperature via Temp Probe in Both F and C
* Milliseconds Pulse Width Measures Fuel Injector ON-TIME
* Inductive RPM Readings for both DIS and Conventional Ignitions
* 20 Amp Test Range - Dual Fuse Protection
* Modern Design, the Protective Holster is Built Into the Housing
* Data Hold, Auto Power-Off, + Trigger Adjust
* Large LCD Display w/White LED Backlighting and 40 Segment Analog Bargraph

Test Functions
- AC/DC Voltage
- Resistance
- AC/DC Current
- Non-Contact IR Temp in F & C
- Temp via Contact Probe F & C
- Milliseconds Pulse Width
- Dwell (direct)
- Frequency (Hz)
- Duty Cycle
- Capacitance
- Diode Test
- Continuity

Kit Contents
* #597 Meter CAT III 1000 Volt rated
* Test leads CAT III 1000 Volt rated
* Inductive RPM pick-up
* K-type Temperature probe
* 9 volt battery
* Instructions manual
* Hard storage case
* 1-year warranty

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