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Universal hose requires adapter (sold separately)
Complete set. Each item also sold separately.
Universal Hose (AES# pt-TA212)
M10 short reach (AES# pt-TA213)
M10 deep reach (AES# pt-TA214)
M12 deep reach (AES# pt-TA216)
M14 Short Reach (AES# pt-TA217)
M14 Deep Reach (AES# pt-TA218)
M16 Ford Triton (AES# pt-TA219)
M18 Short Reach (AES# pt-TA220)

Universal Compression Hose (High-Strength)

$35.00 - $313.00
Hose and Adapter Options:
California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
Eligible for FREE Ground Shipping(Eligible for FREE Ground Shipping)

Purchase the complete set of adapters with hose or purchase each item separately.

Without an adapter, the compression hose will not connect to the vehicle.

The Pico compression hose will connect to these adapters which are available for the following spark plug thread sizes:
- M10 (10mm) short reach  
- M10 (10mm) deep reach   
- M12 (12mm) deep reach  
- M14 (14mm) short reach  
- M14 (14mm) deep reach  
- M16 (16mm) for Ford triton style engines  
- M18 (18mm) for older engines  
* Item included with the Pico WPS500X Pressure transducer Kit (AES# pt-PP939).

The adapter used should be the same thread size and no longer than the tip of spark plug you are replacing.  While using a shorter adapter than the spark plug you are replacing may produce results that are slightly low, using one that is longer may damage your engine.

NOTE: Pico's compression hose connects directly to the Pico WPS500x transducer.  With the appropriate type 2 mini-coupler, this hose can be connected to the Fluke PV350 and to Snap-on transducers.
For the pv350 use a 1/8" - 2 series One-way with 1/4" FPT (
Fosters 27-2).
For the Snap-on transducer use a 1/8" - 2 series One-way with 1/8" FPT (Fosters 23-2).
NOTE: To connect Pico's compression hose to a Fluke pv350 or to a Snap-on transducer, use a 1/8" - 2 series One-way Shut-off:
1/4" FPT (Fosters 27-2) for the Fluke pv350.
1/8" FPT (Fosters 23-2) for the Snap-on Transducer.
Pico's compression hose connects directly to the Pico WPS500x transducer.  



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