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ScannerDanner relearns how to use the uScope

ScannerDanner uses the uScope with a low amp probe on a 99 Honda Civic with no spark. He inverts the signal, adjusts time and trigger levels, changes the "Horizontal Position" of the signal, and takes cursor measurements.

At time stamp 11:40, ScannerDanner uses the uScope to current ramp a coil on a 99 Honda Civic No Spark Diagnosis. He inverts the signal and adjusts time and trigger level to capture the signal.

At 16:20 he presses the "A" button (on the top right) to "HOLD" the display. He then changes time and amperage scales to zoom in and out of the signal and uses the cursors to get ΔT and ΔV (Amps).  This can be done on a live signal and while on "HOLD".

Later in the video, timestamp 24:20, he shows how to change the "Horizontal Position" of the signal to the left, by doing this he is able to see the position of the cursors on the waveform without the menu obstructing the view. (This will be addressed in the next uScope update.)