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The ATS Escan - the First 5 Modes Of OBD II with Pete Meier, The Trainer

Every day you probably use the ten “modes” offered in OBD II, but can you name the first 5 "modes" and what they are for?

In this edition of “The Trainer”, Pete Meier uses the ATS Escan to the explain and demonstrate the First 5 "modes" of OBD II. 

This video starts with Pete's lecture for the first 10 minutes and then gets on tool with the VERUS, a Launch and the ATS Escan.

To skip the lecture and get right to the tools:
- Snap-on VERUS is at timestamp 9:31
- Launch is at timestamp 15:58
- ATS Escan is at timestamp 18:59

Keep in mind that each tool used in the video does much more than demonstrated, but only the ATS Escan goes way beyond generic OBD II to help with driveability problems. More about that later, first the video...


The ATS Escan does something unique that goes way beyond generic OBD II.

It uses OBD2 to calculate values useful for drivability diagnostics and it actually ALERTS you of problems such as:
• Catalytic efficiency
• Fuel Trim 
• Volumemetric efficiency
• MAF Sensors 
• Fuel Control 
• Fuel Delivery 
• Low Power 
• Charging System 
• Mechanical Problems

In this example:
- Green squares = good fuel trim.
- Red or Orange squares = bad fuel trim.
Alert lights on the left side are constantly updated for Bank 1 and Bank 2 and show the status of the control system.

Want a quick diagnosis on fuel trim, or catalytic efficiency, or volumemetric efficiency?
Get the ATS Escan.