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Diameter = 49mm, about 1.9-inches

Plug-it Inflatable Bladder Plug

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From the makers of the Smoke Wizard...

The Plug-it Inflatable Bladder is a universal adapter for testing intake and exhaust systems and can be used with any model of smoke machine and/or decay gauge.

It works great for odd sized intakes and can expand to seal openings as large as 6 inches (152m) and conforms to practically any opening shape.

The Plug-it is field serviceable and comes with an extra bladder.

The Plug-it Inflatable Bladder features a Through-hole to apply pressure or vacuum.

The Plug-it Inflatable Bladder is made out of molded EPDM to provide consistent expansion over time ensuring a great fit. EPDM has several advantages over neoprene:
· EPDM provides better protection from UV and heat
· EPDM reduces cracking and wear and tear
· EPDM provides a more consistent expansion over time
· EPDM handles temperatures up to 375oF/190oC.
EPDM is also stronger than natural rubber.

The Plug-it Inflatable Bladder is molded not extruded.
· Allows for a more even wall thickness, reducing chances of a bladder failure due to a blow-out.
· Even bladder wall provides a more consistant bladder expansion.

The Plug-it Inflatable Bladder is field serviceable.
· You can replace just the bladder instead of the whole tool if the bladder does break
· Kit includes an extra bladder.

- Plug-it Inflatable Bladder with Through-Hole
- Extra Bladder
- 1-year warranty

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