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> Hybrid / EV Diagnostics > 1400 V Differential Probe Kit with TA511 (PQ345)


1400 V Differential Probe Kit with TA511 (PQ345)

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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The PQ345 1400 V Differential Probe Kit includes the TA511 high impedance differential probe (rated to 1000 V CAT III) and brings all the benefits of PicoBNC+ interface to high-voltage measurements such as:
- automatic probe recognition and auto zero
- no on/off switch
- batteries not required
The PicoScope software will recognize and then power the differential probe, you get to select the desired measuring range. 

The TA511 differential probe is effective at handling high-voltage signals for EV and Hybrid systems up to ±1400 V (DC + AC peak), and equally effective for low-voltage differential signals such as 5 V communications (CAN). View specifications sheet.

To view all 3 pairs of windings at the same time on a 3-phase, you will need 3 differential probes and a scope with at least 3 channels. The PicoBNC+ TA511 differential probe is designed for use with Pico Technology PicoBNC+ oscilloscopes only. Do not attempt to connect PicoBNC+ accessories to other equipment.

• PicoBNC+ 1400 V Differential Probe (TA511)
• Multimeter style prod 1000 V CAT III black (TA310)
• Multimeter style prod 1000 V CAT III red (TA311)
• Dolphin clip 1000 V CATIII (black) (TA005)
• Dolphin clip 1000 V CAT III (red) (TA006)
Safety Guide: TA511 High Voltage Differential Probe (DO378)
• 1-year warranty

Good to know
- The differential probe is only compatible with PicoScope Automotive scopes fitted with PicoBNC+ interface.
- Thanks to the PicoBNC+ interface, batteries are not required to power the differential probe.

Remember, Safety First!
To prevent electric shock, take all necessary safety precautions when working on equipment where hazardous live voltages may be present.
- Cordon off the area and use appropriate PPE.
- Inspect the probe before use. Do not use if the red/black input leads show signs of damaged insulation, exposed metal, or if the wear indicator shows white.
- Connect and power the probe from the BNC+ oscilloscope before probing a voltage. 



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