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Flex probe adapter set Spade

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Now includes 2 of the AES Shroud Adapters!

The Perfect Mate Probe Adapter Tips are designed to connect to any test lead tip to give access to most automotive connector pins. They work great for ?hands free* jumper wire testing.

They work great for "hands free" jumper wire testing.

The Tee Connection Adapter provides a solid connection for road testing.

It acts like a universal breakout box for virtually any 2 or 3 pin connector on the vehicle.

* 22 assorted spade terminal tips
* 2 screw-on banana plug test lead adapters
* 3 Tee adapters

The spade terminal tips can be connected to test leads that have banana plugs and with the 2 AES Shroud Adapters they can be connected to test leads with shrouded banana plugs.

They can also be connected to test leads that have the threaded pin-tips when used with the banana plug test lead adapters included in the kit.


Contents of the Waekon 77202

Model# and Description
16970-186P2 - Large Male Spade (2 pack)
16970-187P2 - Large Female Spade (2 pack)
16970-162P3 - Medium Male Space (3 pack)
16970-164P3 - Medium Female Spade (3 pack)
16970-184P3 - Small Male Spade (3 pack)
16970-185P3 - Small Female Spade (3 pack)
16970-170P3 - Extra Small Male Spade (3 pack)
16970-171P3 - Extra Small Female Spade(3 pack)
77003 - Screw on banana plug set
16970-364P3 - Tee adapters (3 pack)"

Spade Sizes



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