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MT03A Milliohm and Motor Tester (PQ326) screenshot
PQ326 MT03A contents
PQ326 MT03A Connections
Documenting a burnt MG2, courtesy Matthew Lamontagne
Testing a used hybrid transaxle with the Pico MT03A (PQ326) before installing it, courtesy Jack Rosebro

MT03A Milliohm and Motor Tester

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A complete 3-phase motor winding resistance test in less than one minute!

The MT03A Milliohm & Motor Tester from Pico Technology is a revolutionary device capable of changing the way low-resistance testing is performed. The MT03A offers resistance testing of all windings on a 3-phase motor in under a minute, producing highly accurate results that can automatically compensate for temperature using the included sensor.

Designed to meet the needs of technicians and engineers in a wide range of industries (transportation, energy, manufacturing, construction, farming, etc...) the MT03A is the ultimate low-resistance testing tool. With its earth-bond testing in compliance with UN ECE R100 regulations and a minimum test current of 200 mA, the MT03A has widespread applications, including fuel pumps, air-conditioning motors, regeneration pumps, blower motors, camshaft controls, EGR valves, turbo actuators, and more.

This innovative device is also perfect for checking grounds to ECUs, earth straps, starter motor cables, safety grounds, weld contact quality, and earth bond testing. The MT03A features USB connectivity for easy integration with a PC, without needing any external power supply, and comes encased in a durable rubber boot with a hanging bracket for ease of use, while the included S-hook allows for effortless mounting.

SAFETY FIRST: This product is for use only on disconnected circuits where no voltages are present. To prevent injury or death, do not connect the input terminals to an electrical node unless you have first confirmed that the node is de-energized.

The MT03A is not a lab scope
- It does not require a PicoScope module.
- It is not compatible with Pico 7 Automotive software.

The MT03A is a Milliohm meter
It is a module that connects to a PC via USB. It is powered via USB and does not require batteries. During motor testing, measurements are taken in rapid sequence to improve consistency and the software evaluates and indicates whether the test has passed or failed, if required. Use the MT03A with test leads fitted with Kelvin clips to minimize contact resistance effects when connecting the measurement unit to the component under test. The highly accurate milliohm values can be automatically temperature-compensated to ensure precision and reliability even in varying temperature conditions.

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The MT03A runs on Windows 10- and newer devices
The dedicated Windows software application provides a clear user interface that provides simplicity, speed, and complete control over the tester. It offers two test options:
- single resistance measurements (Milliohm Meter)
- three resistance comparison measurements (Electric Motor Test)

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The PQ326 Pico Milliohm and Motor Tester Starter Kit contents
• PR422 MT03A Milliohm and Motor Tester encased in a rubber boot
• TA521 Kelvin Lead Assy 1.5m Small Jaw - Green
• TA522 Kelvin Lead Assy 1.5m Small Jaw - Blue
• TA523 Kelvin Lead Assy 1.5m Small Jaw - Yellow
• TA527 Linear wide-range temperature probe for Milliohm Meter
• MI168 "S" Hook
• MI121 USB2 4.5m Cable
• PA252 Plastic carry case
Quick Start Guide (not shown below)
• 2-year warranty

Resistance measurement range: 2 Ω
Resistance resolution: 10 μΩ
Resistance accuracy (typical): ±(0.5% + 100 μΩ)
Temperature measurement range: –40 to 125 °C (–40 to 257 °F)
Temperature resolution: 0.2 °C (0.36 °F)
Temperature accuracy (typical): ±0.5 °C (0.9 °F)
Input protection: ±30 V

Pico Steve uses the MT03A to carry out a 3-phase motor winding resistance measurement, whilst also demonstrating the logging feature when measuring bus bar contact resistance.

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