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Test Drive Test Leads for Pico 2-Channel Scope

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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Colored test leads for your 4223 and 3223 PicoScopes!

* Designed to withstand automotive environments
* Shielded from tip-to-tip for maximum noise immunity
* Heat resistant
* Flexible
* 10-ft long
* Shielded from tip to tip
* Insulated BNC at scope connection
* Shrouded/stacking banana-plugs at test points
* Removeable ground extensions for proper grounding with using 1 or multiple channels
* Keep your PC and scope module on the bench
* 10-ft leads make test drives easier
* Small enough to easily pass under hoods and through windows for road testing.

Test Lead Configuration 
- Connection to scope: The test lead is configured with an insulated BNC for connecting to your scope.
- Connection to vehicle: Each test lead terminates to 4mm Banana-plugs: one for signal and one for ground conenction.
- Test lead connection to accessories: all the gators, probes, and clips sold at AESwave will connect to the test lead.

Package Contents 
Set of two (2) 10-ft test leads and 1 removeable ground extension for use with the Pico 4423 and 4223 scope modules:
- Blue lead with ground extension permanently attached
- Red lead with removeable ground extension

NOTE: For the 4425 and 4223 please select the AES# pt-PP718-2. This set features a permanently attached ground extension on both the Blue and Red lead.


Characteristics of the ST3 Test Drive Test Leads for the 2-channel PicoScope  (AES# 03-760-pico-2):
Attentuation:   1:1
Connection at Scope:   Insulated BNC                        
Cable:   ST3, Shielded  
Color:   Blue, Red
Length:   10-ft
Connection at vehicle:    Signal: 4mm shrouded, stacking Banana-plug
  Ground: 4mm shrouded, stacking Banana-plug                          




Ground Access

The red, green, and yellow test leads included in the AES ST3 Test Drive Test Lead Kit feaure a Ground-Access socket for the ground Extension.


There may be times in which maximum grounding for each test lead is desired. This can be accomplished by attaching a Ground Extension to the ground access socket on the red, green, and yellow test lead.


WARNING: Caution must be taken when making multiple ground connection to the vehicle. If the ground leads are connected to different points on the vehicle and a voltage drop between the different grounding points exist current will flow through the ground leads. This can result in damage of the test leads and possibly to the circuits under test.

Work Station Setup



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