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The new Tool tab includes the ATS CKP MisFire software which identifies cylinder misfires using the crankshaft position sensor signal and an algorithm to help with vehicles that do generate misfire codes. A Relative Compression Test with vehicle firing order overlay has also been added to Tool tab.

Both the ESCOPE ELITE4 and the ELITE8 include the CKP Misfire Analyzer 

Click here for more videos featuring the ATS Elite.


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The eSCOPE ELITE8 is a powerful 16-bit PC-based 8-channel, adjustable dual time base oscilloscope. The 2 separate time bases let you view fast timing signals and slow O2 signals on the same screen at the same time.

The eSCOPE ELITE8 allows bi-directional control of electrical devices through the wiring (virtual replacement of electrical sensors). 

► Capture All Data: ATS’ unique circular buffer system does not drop data.  No data gap will ever be present on the Elite8; this means you will never lose data that occurs between samples on an intermittent fault or fail to capture the vehicle’s faulty event.

► Ultra Sharp Waveforms: No need for filters that can mask data. ATS designed the the Elite8 so the signal is accurate and clean.

► Dual Time Base:  This allows two different frequencies to be displayed on one screen with two different scope displays, simultaneously.  This also allows separate triggers and/or trigger modes on each time base. It’s like having two scopes in one.

► Pull Down Circuit: A Controlled pulse that sinks power from vehicle circuit to ground.  Control circuits like ignition coils, fuel injectors and solenoids. 

► TTL Output: Sends a 0-5v square wave signal out of the Elite8 to turn on devices such as ignition coil drivers, test vehicle’s circuits, and test vehicle’s circuits for loading.

► Automatic Test Lead Connection Detection: This unique feature allows you to know the scope lead has a good connection. “Red”= Bad connection.  “Green”= Good connection.  It’s that easy!

► No Time, Voltage, or Trigger Setup Needed: With the powerful Deep Record function, you can grab a large amount of data without any setup at all. Then simply zoom in to see what happened! Turn signals on/off, and rearrange waveforms as you wish. Saved files can be reopened and manipulated in the same way at any time.

► Automatic voltage attenuator: Just change the voltage setting and the scope does the rest.

► Pressure Transducers: Drives four pressure transducers at once with full pressure/vacuum conversions.

► Patented Overlay Technology: ATS’ unique programming overlays an engine cycle grid over your waveforms. Works great with pressure transducers! (sold separately)

eSCOPE ELITE8 features
- Number of Channels: 8 traces.
- Color Traces: Separate colors for each channel that match leads.
- A/D Vertical Converter Resolution: 16 bit (65,536 discrete levels). This gives very fine voltage resolution over a very large voltage range. I.E. +/-20 volt range has a 0.0006 mV resolution.
- Sample Rate: 1 million samples per second.
- 1 Mhz Bandwidth
- Voltage Attenuator: Up to +/-500V software selectable attenuator built into scope.
- Display Modes: Dual Screen, Single Screen, Stacked Scope, Measure and Deep record, and Meter.
- Deep Record Mode: Allows data to be recorded without any setup at all and without missing any data. Then use features such as zoom in, zoom out, zoom window, zoom reset and cursors. Apply filtering, turn signals on/off, and rearrange waveforms as you wish. Saved files can be reopened and manipulated in the same way at any time.
- Pressure Transducer: Drives four pressure transducers (sold separately) at once with full Pressure/Vacuum conversions. Additionally the eSCOPE ELITE4 comes with patented pressure transducer overlays.
- Ignition analyzer: Includes full ignition analyzer software.
- PC Compatible: Runs on any Windows based PC.
- Power Requirements: Powered via PC’s USB connector.
- USB connection to PC: USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.
- Scope Storage: Unlimited Storage of waveforms and settings.
- Support: Built in help plus U.S. based customers receive live one-on-one log in support.

• Accessory Kit 
     8x Scope Leads
     8x Scope Extension Leads
     8x Large Alligator Clips
     8x Backprobes
     8x Piercing Probes
     2x Male to Male Coupler
     1x Trigger Pickup
     1x High Amp Probe
     1x Low Amp Probe
     1x Case
• ATS tech support via phone, email, and live one-on-one remote log in
• 1-year warranty


Elite scope playlist:


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